Drop These Two And Earn More

Here is a tip or two to help you increase your income.
Drop these two old school excuses from your sales banter and get closer to the winning side of your business interactions. I am as serious as your commission check. What I am about to share, fresh from the field, is as old as your first pocket calculator with the same limitations of performance, yet I hear this day after day in my marketing work. It’s old, tired and needs to go.


Radio is about to lose a legend and if you sell or manage local direct business, maybe it’s your fault! I’m not kidding, this is as real as it gets. Your future is at stake, I’ve already done my part, and the rest is up to you.
Do I have your attention…..

Grab An Oar

Chances are there was no page in your sales plan called “Pandemic.”
Weather emergency, Holidays, annual promotions for sure, but Pandemic-not.
Where did you start? Where did you finish? Are we totally finished? What did you learn?


Newsflash: We’re using more coupons and grabbing more BOGOS these days. Have you been to the grocery store lately? Pick an aisle, any aisle.  Do we need an audit to tell us the price of almost anything you buy is at forty-year record highs? Even store-brand food is getting more expensive. Check your mailbox, some pre-covid free publications are roaring back with coupons and limited-time offers.