Drop These Two And Earn More

Here is a tip or two to help you increase your income.
Drop these two old school excuses from your sales banter and get closer to the winning side of your business interactions. I am as serious as your commission check. What I am about to share, fresh from the field, is as old as your first pocket calculator with the same limitations of performance, yet I hear this day after day in my marketing work. It’s old, tired and needs to go.

The Long and Winding Road

We don’t subscribe.
Three words that could set the tone for what could be a thankless, time consuming exchange. The seller who needs to provide metrics in a highly accountable media landscape and has no “numbers” to show could be at a competitive disadvantage. Perhaps you sell for a locally owned and operated station that doesn’t subscribe or a privately held owner who simply isn’t of the mindset to subscribe to a ratings service.

Pain Point

How about we eliminate the “Pain Point” concept from the sales process…

Going Up

It was almost the perfect pitch.

Welcome to Atlanta area where baseball tournaments are a common site. Players at all levels participate in amateur tournaments throughout the city. They come from near and far to compete for a prized trophy and all-important recognition.

Electric Rapport

It’s always something.
This time it’s E.V.s. as California is preparing to end all sales of gas or diesel powered cars by 2035. By then the mandate is electric vehicle sales only. The California electric vehicle sales ramp up is 35% by 2026 then 68% by 2030 and 100% by 2035.


Radio is about to lose a legend and if you sell or manage local direct business, maybe it’s your fault! I’m not kidding, this is as real as it gets. Your future is at stake, I’ve already done my part, and the rest is up to you.
Do I have your attention…..

Fake it ’till You Make it

That was the storyline connected to the collapse of Ozy Media.
If you haven’t read about the fall of Ozy, take a minute to look it up. That storyline never goes away.
Does the theme apply to anyone you know, maybe one of your co-workers who are struggling with sales? Ouch!

Get On Board

Does your healthcare providers office still have the small bins of pens on the counter, one labeled “used” the other labeled “fresh”? This is all part of lingering covid learning curve.As a talk radio sales manager or seller, the real task is to get a better understanding of what’s ahead.

Grab An Oar

Chances are there was no page in your sales plan called “Pandemic.”
Weather emergency, Holidays, annual promotions for sure, but Pandemic-not.
Where did you start? Where did you finish? Are we totally finished? What did you learn?

Hunters & Farmers

There is a trend with many radio sellers today, and you may be falling into it, a work pattern that caps your potential.
Have you attended a sales training seminar designed to help you identify the various personalities of buyers?